Women’s Telephone

20140422_135147Capture Tel :(0) 4 222 30 001 Tel:(0) 4 223 7728 Is a service  of Useful to Albanian Women, since 1998,that offers psychological , social  and economic support  for women, victim of violence, poor women and young jobless women By dialing:  042 237728   You can:

  • to obtain information and advice on issues of women’s rights, domestic violence, poverty, gender issues, the position of women in family, health issues and many other problems that women face today.
  • to have counseling face to face or by telephone
  • to benefit social,  psychological and/or legal assistance, offered by UAW volunteers (sociologists, psychologists and specialist journalists, who are always eager to be near you, to help you in your problem.
  • to get access to the referral system created with all the other NGOs in UAW network and state institutions offering specialized service

So do not hesitate to contact us, or to tell a friend in need; please share this info, Thank you beforehand! From 9a .m  to 5 p.m Every day, except  Sunday