Diella Newspaper

“Diella Newspaper”

diella news

This newspaper is a monthly published by UAW. “Diella” newspaper is one effective element for deporting and making aware women of the different activities and evolution of the gender issues not only in Tirana, but through out Albania. Most of the topics published in the newspaper during these years, present problems that the Albanian women are faced with every day, including domestic violence, women’s health, their status and role in the society and decision-making.

The articles are focused almost on free opinions and analysis without undermining activities undertaken by UAW. The aim is also to promote the activity of UAW, problems and the ways of reacting toward gender issues, exchanging of experiences, or in fighting the discriminative opinions.

The reader finds himself in its pages as it has turned into a completely reforming and active newspaper. “Diella” newspaper has made available an email address in order to increase the level of cooperation.
We are working also, on organizing and maintaining an archive with pictures of different activities, CD’s and other digital tool’s. One of its features is also the continued idea of international pages; gives its readers the opportunity to make a comparative analysis of the problems.