Board and Structure

Useful to Albanian Women (UAW), registered under the law as a membership association, local, Non-for-Profit, since March 9th 1993, in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and re-registered complying to the Albanian changing legal frame on September 24th 1996, with the register number 285.
The headquarters of the association are located nowadays in the self owned three storied building found in  “Naim Frashëri” street, nr. 6, Tirana, Albania.
UAW has its branches /offices located  in other cities of Albania such as: Durres, Elbasan, Burrel, Lezha, Shkodra, Fier, Korca, Gjirokastra, Saranda
It can create its branches in the centre or in any other administrative-territorial units in Albania and Kosovo ( as per latest agreements between the two governments of Albania and Kosova). Those branches are not separated juridical persons, but part of the organization.
The symbol of the organization is composed by two hands, symbolizing the women movement, that started in the early 1990, also a violet symbolizing women, surrounded by the writing “Useful to Albanian Woman”, inserted in the symbol of a woman.
The logo of our organization is: NDGSH (UAW)
The symbol, with the address, phone numbers and the email address, are signed in every requisition compiled from UAW.
This symbol is stamped in the seal of “UAW”.
The association bases its activity in the principle of respect, protection and implementation of human rights and freedoms, prescribed in the Constitution, laws and international agreements ratified by law.

The governance  body of  Useful to Albanian Women association is made of:

  •  General Assembly
  •  Board
  •  President
  •  General Secretary.
  •  Financier



Sevim Arbana  President of the association



Elida Motro-Iljazi   Director of “EMI – Coaching and Consulting”



              Kozeta Fino                   V/P of KESH, Albania 

helga puka

Helga Puka               Credit Administrator at Sanpaolo Bank


Bukuroshe Manaj        Head of Elbasan Branch

edit lako

Edit Lako       Department of Projects, Ministry of Culture

mira jetmira

Jetmira Zhuri Sociologist


        Fatmir Koci                   Film Producer and Director



Iris Sojli     Electronic Media Journalist