Vocational Training 2014

The launching of the season 26 of the professional courses 2014-15
UAW as a nest for the young women’s start-ups=professionalism, employment, career advancement

Since August 7, 2014 the registration in the following courses is open:
1.( Continuation of the cooking course) The course of catering service attached practically near the Academy of the Kitchen: “Art in Food”, in the premises of AP Tirane, manager, Ardeta Koci
2.(Continuation of the sewing course) The course of fashion & design, attached near the Atelier Stela Sallaku, in the premises of AP Tirana, manager Stela Sallaku.
3.(Continuation of the hairdressing course) The course of esthetics and hairdressing, attached near the business “A&D”, in the premises of AP Tirana, manager Brikena Braka.
4.(Continuation of the formation services for every course) The service for the youth in need of assistance against the addiction from alcohol, smoking, etc. attached near the business Institute of Counseling Kris&Lo, with a primar service addressed to the pre-schooling, kindergarten, in the premises of AP Tirana, manager Krisi Koci

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