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Activities of the UAW’s head offices in Tirana (the New Teuta Women’s Club, the Employment Agency and the Woman Telephone continue their normal activity)  

January 2014

IMG_2937Meeting of the Assembly of “Useful to Albanian Women” (UAW), Prizren- Kosove, Janar 11-th, 2014 A bus full of our Assembly members left early morning to go to Prizren to attend the assembly and have fun socializing together, too. The main aim of this normal organizational meeting for 2014 was steering UAW towards the continuation of its ongoing strategy and the creation of social businesses. The reporting on the 2013 as the year of the re-structuring of UAW and lessons learnt from the process was done by the President of the association, Ms. Sevim Arbana. The situation of UAW in 2014 and need for the changing of the mindset of the association towards putting voluntarism in the basis of UAW work, was presented by Ms. Elida Motro Iljazi, consulting on the National Management of the UAW Program. The head of Alternativa Profesionale Elbasan, Ms.Bukuroshe Manaj, assisted with the organization of the assembly.  An inner organized network of the professed Assembly members, declaring their commitment to use their expertise assisting the association grass root beneficiaries, came out of this working day in Prizren.  

February 2014

10277729_10201563015188324_7275821665784904641_nAs per decisions of the Assembly, the year 2014, is declared the Year Aiming to End the Domestic Violence. In February, the campaign “Strengthen the Family – Wipe the Domestic Violence” was organized in cooperation with “EMI – Coaching and Consulting”. Marjana Kondi is the image of this campaign and the UAW Board member, Mr. Fatmir Koci leads a group of UAW volunteers assisting with the media mediums to be used. An online survey was sent via the social media pinpointing the main problems in the Albanian society resulting in the birth of domestic violence and particularly enhancing the role of the teenagers in the family. Three panel participations  in the prime time in the national visual media, surely served well the raising of the awareness on this issue and the UAW campaign.


March 2014

On the 8th of March, UAW made a lot of activities, continuing its history of being a very active market player of the Albanian social society.

•. UAW took part in the Fair of the NGOs held in the premises of the National Museum from 7-9 of March, holding a stand representing the work in its Tirana AP center and its branches in Selite Tirane, Durres, Elbasan and Burrel. A lot of visitors showed interest in the work done and registered as UAW volunteers.

IMG_3952•  UAW and “EMI – Coaching and Consulting” organized in the premises of the National Museum the training for 26 young girls and boys to be the facilitators for the debates in the communities they come from for the campaign against the domestic violence. The young participants certified in the workshop in the international day of the woman, celebrated later in the “Teuta e Re” club.




L1080932  •  Open cafe for the women on the 8th of March, in the renovated club of the association done efficiently by volunteers led by Lora Arbana. Round 40 ladies were part of the festivities in the club.






L1080874•  The Guest house is put at work, offering the B/B service and the club is aiming to be more competitive in the future.






uaw (12) •In the club “Teuta e Re” it was organized the promotion activity of the writer Besa Myftiu with the participants coming from the UAW activists. The public reading of parts of the lately published book, the combination with a lyric singer opened the way for a candid discussion on the situation and the challenges that the immigrants face when abroad.


•  The website of UAW is re-done from the start ( the previous one is put out of function, beyond repair, by the former employee administering it).

Elbasan The Community Center

8 kamp veror per femijet 1996December 2013 was closed by organizing an event (talent show ) in our center in cooperation with the Social Services in Elbasan with the motto “Albania donates ” in which have participated youth, children as beneficiaries of the center, their parents and other community members. There were also present the City Mayor, representatives from the Municipality, NGOs, etc. At the end of the show have been delivered presents for the children.




During January- April 2014

1.  Integration and social inclusion of children in need (Roma as well) and Animation activities, Sports and Entertainment • Freshkurt 2013 024e lunch service for 50 Roma & Egyptian children • Educational integration for 50 children 6-13 years






2. “Counseling to employment’ project, January- December 2014 Ongoing implementation of the second phase of the project ‘Counseling to DSCF5569employment’ for the period January – December 2014 which aims to address, help and support these young people who are often not able to finish school and become part of the professional education programs, enabling and stimulating opportunities to open labor market. These opportunities can be employment / self-employment, participation in family business or other activities. For the period January – December 2014 are involved these 20 young people coming from the Roma, Egyptian and families in difficult socio-economic situation from rural areas .



3. On 13 th of February 2014 have been certified 20 participants from the first cycle . They have been equipped with a portfolio (certificate of the cycle “’Counseling to employment”, certificate of the DSCF4990professional course etc) that will be very helpful for them to be integrated in the labor market .






4. From 11-14 0f February was organized a 4 days training at the center from Swiss Contact in framework of the project DSCF5160 ‘Counseling to employment’.







5. On 8 th of March it was organized at the center of city the awareness activity “A coffee for help “ where leaflets were distributed about the women’s rights, mimosa were given out and was offered a coffee .  20 women have been part of a meet8ing organized with the Mayor where they have discussed about their problems, difficulties and opportunities in the future supported by the local government.






6. On 4th of April 2014 it was organized a roundtable with the directors of the schools, chairmen of boards and also was present the director of the Directory of Education  in the framework of the project “Strengthening the school board as a legislative body that represents the interests of students and parents to provide a quality education”. During this table was discussed about the aim and the objectives of the project , expected results and achievements ,difficulties and challenges for the future . DSCF2838







7. On 8th of April in framework of the Roma International Day there were organized activities at the center discussing with youth and children about their history ,culture ,their rights Some children were part of the activity “Roma children visit Parliament and speak with MPs” 8. On the occasion of International Roma Day (April 8), Children’s Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA), YWCA and the Observatory for Children’s Rights in collaboration with the Albanian Parliament and civil society organizations, with the support of UNICEF, held today at the Albanian Parliament the event “Children speak with politicians”. Our center have provided the catering service for all participants


photoThe Center ” Lulet e Molles” and the AP continue their work and the renewal of the cooperation with the same donor of the past 10 years in April 2014 is a guarantee of the future success. The project assisting the street children and the teenagers in need is situated in the renewed part of the town stadium, due to the long term relationship created with the local authorities.