2004 – 2013

2004 Building a new centre for Professional formation for street working children in Tirana. Supported by EED, Germany.

2005 Building a new centre Professional formation for street working children in Elbasan. Supported by ICCO

2005–2009 Institutionalization of the 8 March protest (partners different actors of the Albanian Society)

2005 Nomination for the Nobel Price of UAW’s president Sevim Arbana  (from 1000 Peace women nominated across the globe)

2005 Lobbying and gathering 2000 signature for New Family Code.

2005 –2008 Lobbying and playing the main role for new law for Gender Equality, which was approved last year.

2007 Awareness campaign against violence on women: “Fiqiretja, between two mentalities”, supported by BfW Germany.

2007 – 2009 Awareness campaigns against Breast cancer in all Albania & osteoporoses.

2007 – 2008 Opening the Women’s Club in Puka.

2007 Survey about street working children-Tirana Case, supported by UAW.

2008 Opening a new centre for Professional formation for street working children in Burrel. Supported by SGF Switzerland.

2009 “Women make history everyday” a big lobbying and advocacy program of UAW . Supported by HEKS Switzerland, EED Germany.

2009 First Alumnus Conference, Tirana.

2009 Opening of Community Service Centre in Durres, Elbasan , Burrel “Today for the future” supported by HEKS, EED, SGF.

2009-2011 “School ready for children and children ready for school” A program for Roma kids in Elbasan, Durres, Community Centres. Supported by UNICEF.

2011-2012 Building a new Centre in Durres : Community Centre. Supported by EED.

2013 Publishing of history of ALTERNATIVA PROFESIONALE Centre, supported by UAW.