1993 – 2003

1993  March 9th the founding of the Useful for the Albanian Women (UAW)

1994 -1995 First lobbying for the change in the abortion law. UAW & Women’s Center  “Advocacy women Center”

5.1 dyqani i duarve te arta 19951995  “Golden-Hand Shop”, the very first social business program through which hundred of handmade Albanian handicrafts were sold abroad, bringing a modest but dignifying income to women in need (Oxfam)





38 sherbim drekor 19951995  The first aid program: Free lunch service for poor children in Elbasan and in Burrel, supported by HEKS, SGF, Switzerland

1995  Dental Clinic- supported poor women with health service, supported by HEKS, Switzerland

1995 Lydia project – strengthening the women network from East to West (Europe), supported by HEKS


4 sherbim drekor 19961996 Publishing house, helping new Albanian NGOs to publish their activities, mission and vision. Supported by Phare Program, EU

1996-2007 Green-house in Tapiza village, Employment for the poor women and organizing discussions in the community about democracy and human rights especially for the women



8 kamp veror per femijet 19961996  Summer Holiday Camp for blind children , “Eyes of Peace”, supported by VIENNA CARITAS.





5th european women's 19961996  Publishing the first association magazine : “Women’s World”.

1996-1997 Survey about prostitution: “Prostitution, the society in dilemma”.




9 Ferilasses 19971997  Women bridge for peace and understanding .Education program for women during civil war in Albanian, Pyramidal scheme




6 pregram per drejtueset19971997 Aid program in Tirana, Shkoder, Durres, Elbasan, Burrel, thorugh meal, vouchers for women, children and elderly people. Supported by HEKS




55 19971997-and on Opening of first Professional Formation Program for street children in Tirana, Supported by Phare Democracy Program, HEKS, EED, DAN AID, ICCO.

1998-2001 Awareness campaign in border areas; Stop trafficking of Albanian Girls!

1998- The first organization strategy for 1998-2002

1998 Opening of the first Women Club, Teuta e Re in Tirana, supported by HEKS (Switzerland), VIENNA CARITAS, SGF (Switzerland)

8 Sevim ..... 19981998 Family house program in Durres, supported by Foreign Italian Ministry, through the program of Ministry of Social Affairs in Italy and in Albania

1998 Eco  tourism led by the ladies, in Shkoder areas. Supported by Foreign Ministry of Italy

1998-2000 Humanitarian Aid for Kosovo’s crises


46 mbeshtetje psiko-sociale 19981999 Kindness Center in Shkoder. Center for Kosova Children and Mothers.





35.1 kukulla per kukullat 20002000 “Doll for Dolls” a program for kindergarten supported by the Danish Embassy.





33 kendi i lojrave 20012000 “Mother goat and her kids” – playground for children in Tirana. Supported by HAEE, NIJKERK (Netherland)

1999-2001 National and regional program: Women’s Bridge for Peace and Understanding, including Kosovo, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Serbia all ethnics

1999-2001 “Cash for shelter”  Helping Albanian families who sheltered Kosovo refugees during the Kosovo crisis. Supported by HEKS and Swiss Government.


50 klubi qendra per mbeshtetje 20002000 Awareness campaign for prevention of trafficking of Albanian girls





angs or der Blu 2000 photoshop2000 “Blood Feud, this tragedy that kills Albanian childhood” social, education and rehabilitation program for children and mothers who are locked in house. Supported by HEKS Switzerland.




50 klubi qendra per mbeshtetje 20002000 Opening “One Dream more” Center in Elbasan. Supported by ICCO Netherlands





41.1 19992001 Publishing UAW’s Newsletter “Diella”.

2001 Lobbying for the 8 March protest with the slogan: ‘Women make history every day!




durres 8 mars 20022001 Human Rights Price for prevention of blood feud revenge from Lionel Jospen





49 agjensi punesimi 20032002 Employment agency for young vulnerable girls in poorest area of Korca, Pogradec





dr 20022002–2003 After the World Social Forum in Brazil, UAW led the network with different Albanian NGOs with the topic: ‘Another Balkan is possible’




2003 Opening of Agency for Employment women and girl in Tirana.

2003 Little Dolphins in Durress. Supported by DeutcheWeltHungerHilfe (DWHH) Germany.

2003 Project BOW anti-trafficking network in Greece and Albania. Supported by Foreign Ministry of Greece